28 Aug
Ejercicio, celulitis y flacidez

Es muy común cuando abrimos una revista encontrar imágenes de mujeres perfectas, modelos cuya belleza supera la realidad, pero cuanto es verdad y cuanto es ficción? Hoy se sabe que para la mente femenina este bombardeo de imágenes de mujeres perfectas NO es saludable, y poco a poco se ha comenzado ha tratar de cambiarlo,

10 Apr
The Truth About Abs

The abdominal muscles are the most cherished by exercise lovers and by the aesthetics, there is a general desire to have a flat and ripped abdominal area. But… what should we know to accomplish this goal? One must know that WONT take one abs workout routine to have them, because it does not depend of

07 Apr
Bekafitness video Training Guide

1) Establish your objective: Is important to establish clearly your training goal, from that it will depend the election of the workout routine you should do (see objectives). It can be more than 1 objective, but it will be better to start with only one, once accomplished that objective, you can move on to the

13 Sep
Your Workout Routine

Sometimes people searches for workout routines with the objective of improving their appearance, lose weight, gain muscle or develop the longed six pack. But a routine focused only in the physical appearance won’t give you an integral body. It creates imbalances, if you focus only in your abs, or only cardio or only strength, this

07 Sep
Hypertropy Strengh Training

In a previous note we discussed the large amount of benefits while working out with Functional Exercises, but what happens when the objective is Hypertrophy? Lots of people have as training objective the increase of muscular mass, but does all types of training methods contributes in muscular hypertrophy? Answer is NO. That is why you

16 Aug
Why Functional Exercises?

Why Functional Exercises? Why I decided to train without machines? Because our body IS the best Machine… During almost 8 years of working with weightlifting and resistance exercises, with my clients and in myself, I found a different way of working out, this is with Functional Exercises. After almost 4 years of adopting this way