About Bekafitness

Embrace your Body

I want to share a little more of Rebeca, the person, the one you see in some videos and pictures.

I became mom at a very young age, 20 years old, I was really skinny before becoming a mom, those who are mothers will understand, that after pregnancy the body changes radically. Now there are stretch-marks, loose skin, clothes wont fit, and if you were really skinny,
now your body have no form.

That was the reason for me to enrol a gym, to try changing the parts of my body that I didn’t like. I dealt with lots of insecurities there were many thing of my body that I was ashamed of and doing exercise was an effort to change them.
In less than a year I discovered what my passion was and my career would be, but also I discovered that there were parts of my body that will never change, my bone structure, the form of my muscles, my hips, my ribs, those were parts of my body that will never change not even if I train my whole life.

That is why I decided to work on those aspects that I could change, like the muscular volume, lower the fat percentage, develop the muscles I liked more, but there was something always missing… Now my fixation had changed, now I was looking to have the least amount of fat percentage, increasing the volume of my legs and gluteus, rip my abs, etc, etc, etc, and it was never ever enough.
It was until several years ago I learnt my identity in God, I learnt who I really was and that He had created me perfect in Him, and that was enough. Now doing exercise was not in pursue of some obsession, now doing exercise was to enjoy it, enjoy being able to jump, skip and if my body changes during the process, excellent!!!

I had never enjoyed so much doing exercise as of now, my physical condition was never better than now, I had never embraced my body as of now, and my body had never changed that much as of now.

Birthmarks, stretch-marks, wrinkles, freckles, they are all still there, all the things I cannot change are still there, my body is Not perfect, but God made me perfect, I have His DNA, and I embrace it. I love doing exercise, I love sharing my passion, and I have it clear now, its not how my exterior looks like, its about the “ugly” inside me changed.

I have to be clear, it is not about settling down and saying: ” I accept my 250 pounds and I will die this way” is about loving and knowing your body and decide to be better. Seek to be a better version of yourself, don’t try to be like anyone else, drop your insecurities, love who you are and if you have to change something, start by changing what is inside you, this will make a difference.

At the end physical exercise can change something in your body, but knowing your DNA will change your world.